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We are proud to say that mFIT Coaching is anything but ordinary. Traditional therapy often views clients as broken, focusing too much on past problems. In contrast, coaching views clients as whole and capable and is not about giving advice (and rightly so), but about assisting clients with solutions through internal discovery. For some coaching clients, though, a lack of internal skills leaves them  empty handed when trying to self-determine their next steps.

Our mFIT approach is unique in effectively combining the best of both worlds. We view clients as inherently capable, but dealing with accumulated skill deficits over time, which can mimic mental health issues. We focus on skills because we believe it is the missing foundation. By combining classes with coaching, this provides accountability and support as clients embody these concepts, discover their genuine power, develop solid internal resources and increase their ability to self-direct.

mFIT Coaching Services

This is no ordinary coaching. We coach with your mental fitness in mind.
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Focus Life Coaching (FLC)

Focus Life Coaching (FLC) is the primary format for our small-group or individual coaching with clients. This means that we focus on solutions (not problems) in the context of clients acquiring the mental fitness skills needed to not only reach their goals, but to vastly exceed them. We view clients as fully capable but merely lacking the skills or necessary support to succeed. And we are so delighted to provide this! Our Coaches are certified by recognized organizations who provide high-quality Life Coach training (e.g., ICF approved training programs). In addition, we train our coaches in the mental fitness model to ensure they provide the high-quality support our clients deserve.

Your Time, Your Day

You know that dream tucked way back in the corner? Pull it out and let's get going! Your best self is just around the bend...

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FLC Basic Ingredients

Benefits of Focus Life Coaching

  • Focus on solutions
  • Guidance in applying mFIT skills
  • High-quality support and accountability
  • Choice of small-group or individual platform

Small Group Coaching

  • Limit of 12 people per group
  • Meets 2x per month for 60 minutes
  • Included in Premium Membership
  • Cost is $99 per month

Individual Coaching

  • Included in Plus Membership
  • Affords greater privacy for sensitive issues
  • Allows highly specialized, individual work
  • Meets 3x per month (Sessions: 40, 20, 20 min)
  • Cost is $199 per month


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Therapeutic Life Coaching (TLC)

Therapeutic Life Coaching (TLC) shares all the same attributes of Focus Life Coaching in terms of the approach, platform and client-identified goals. The difference is that our Therapeutic Coaches hold a clinical license (e.g., Licensed Therapist, Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, etc.). These coaches are assigned clients who have self-identified psychological issues and who would benefit from greater clinical sensitivity in assisting with goals and assessing progress, including referrals for one-on-one therapy in addition to coaching if warranted by client's presentation. Please note that Therapeutic Coaching is not therapy, nor intended to replace therapy. It is Life Coaching by a trained therapist.

Your Life, Your Way

Why continue to struggle when you can turn it all around with mFIT skills and supportive coaching? Get started today!


TLC Basic Ingredients

Benefits of Therapeutic Life Coaching

  • Focus on solutions while clinically sensitive
  • Guidance in applying mFIT skills
  • High-quality support and accountability
  • Choice of small-group or individual platforms

Small Group Coaching

  • Limit of 12 people per group
  • Meets 2x per month for 60 minutes
  • Included in Premium Membership
  • Cost is $99 per month

Individual Coaching

  • Included in Plus Membership
  • Affords greater privacy for sensitive issues
  • Allows highly specialized, individual work
  • Meets 3x per month (Sessions: 40, 20, 20 min)
  • Cost is $199 per month


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CCP for Parents

We developed Collaborative Coaching for Parents (CCP) specifically to meet the needs of parents who are struggling with their parenting role and/or with their child’s behavior. Most parents are already fully invested in their child’s welfare, but may simply lack the skills to accomplish an ideal outcome. This may be due to poor parental role models, deficit internal resources or major life stressors that are interfering. But whatever the reason, CCP focuses solidly on skills and provides unconditional support in teaching parents how to coach their child collaboratively toward mutually acceptable, desired outcomes by using good planning and preparation, strategic choice points and the power of natural consequences. This totally avoids power plays and escalating emotions!

Your Score, Your Play

Never forget...good parenting is learned, not inherited! Join today and enjoy parenting again!


CCP Basic Ingredients

Benefits of Collaborative Coaching

  • Focuses on skills, not on problems
  • Peer group support in private setting
  • High-quality coach support and accountability

Parents First, Then Parenting!

  • First modules focus on mFIT skills for parents
  • mFIT builds internal resources for parenting
  • Gives feedback in a safe, supportive setting

Collaborative Coaching Basics

  • Learn Collaborative Coaching basics
  • Learn good-fit parenting for a specific child
  • Coaching tips for behavioral changes
  • Use of choice points & natural consequences


  • Meets 4x per month for 60 minutes
  • Meets via conference line or Google hangout
  • Cost is $199 per month

mFIT Memberships

We offer memberships to meet every budget and support every goal.


Basic Memberships are complimentary and includes access to our mFIT blogs for weekly mental fitness tips and our monthly mPACT, which reviews in greater depth one mFIT skill per month. Classes can be purchased a la cart or by membership upgrade. Start getting mFIT today!


Premium Memberships provide access to online classes, small-group coaching, office hours, course materials with worksheets, mFIT blogs for weekly mental fitness tips, monthly mPACT, and all support forums. This package provides a huge bang for your buck! Start getting mFIT today!


The Plus Membership has it all. Members have access to office hours, online classes, course materials, worksheets, individual coaching, all support forms, mFIT blogs for weekly tips, monthly mPACT (with mFIT Guides), and weekly chats with a coach in the coaching support forum.


This Membership is for our Collaborative Coaching for Parents program. Members have access to online parenting classes, weekly small-group coaching, course materials, worksheets, office hours, support forums, mPACT (with mFIT Guides) and mFIT Blogs. We support parents!

We Support You!

Let us count the ways...

Office Hours

We offer weekly office hours for members who are enrolled in one of our mFIT Classes. This provides an opportunity for members to get support and ask class-related questions. So please do not sit in confusion. Just ask!

Coach Chats

With the Plus Membership, members are able to touch base with their coach during the week. This is useful for ongoing support, but also helps members move past a particular stuck point in their mental fitness journey.

Support Forums

All membership levels have access to our Support Forums. Forums are set up for all of the class categories and members may post to any of them. Peer feedback and support from those taking a similar journey means free practical advice!

“One of the most important things I learned from taking mental fitness classes is how to pull off the self-judgment and stop listening to the critical voices in my head. This was crucial for me because it meant that instead of delving into the shame that I had always felt, I could actually come to a solution. This has, quite literally, changed my entire life. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that it has SAVED my life. My advice to all those who are suffering? Don't wait another day. Learn the mental fitness skills you need to become who you were really meant to be. I did. And I've never once looked back.”

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[email protected], OH Recovered from Anxiety Disorder & Childhood Abuse

“As I learned how to face the horrible memories of my childhood, I realized that I was using my behaviors to cope with the pain. I learned that the eating disorder I'd had since my pre-teens was a choice, not a necessity. Once I decided it was no longer an option, I shut the door on it for good and this forced me to learn new coping skills. Im happy to say that I've had no eating disorder symptoms for over two years. There IS freedom and mental fitness skills gave that to me.”

[email protected], OH Recovered from Eating Disorder & Suicidality

"Mental fitness is one of those amazing concepts that once you get it, you're like 'Oh, yeah!' I've been to more therapists than I care to admit and none of them really helped me. I'd leave their office feeling like I'd thrown up, but not much else. With mental fitness, I had homework and specific skills to work on. I was so glad to finally be DOING SOMETHING that worked. What a relief!"

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[email protected], OR Recovered from Low Self-Esteem