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Mental fitness must become a way of life.

Our approach to helping you achieve mental fitness is way beyond a mental band-aid. We don't just offer a smattering of courses here and there to "patch" the pothole you keep tripping into. We want to help you adopt a new lifestyle, one that fully supports holistic mental fitness for the rest of your life.

But this means achieving higher skill levels across all major life arenas such as skills for self-improvement, emotions, coping, healthy relationships, parenting, family, work, productivity, and mental health. As you acquire basic skills, we then offer higher level programs that guide you fully into mastery.

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Weekly Tips

At least once per week, you'll receive a blog post that focuses on a specific mental fitness tip, a strategy that helps you step more fully into living a mentally fit lifestyle. Adding one skill after another means success!

Free Course

As our thank you gift, we want to give you free access to our upcoming course, "Stepping into Mental Fitness," starting June 15th. This is an introduction to the mental fitness lifestyle and helps jump-start your journey!

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mFIT Online Classes

If you haven't yet figure out how much we believe in skills...just you wait!

Class Topics

Classes are grouped into seven categories including self-improvement, emotions and coping, relationship savvy, family and parenting, work and productivity, mental health matters and human interest/general.

Class Materials

Classes are presented in a video format but also include downloadable worksheets designed to keep students actively participating. Homework assignments and quizzes further engage students in learning.


Classes are offered a-la-carte. However, we do have a Fast Track Membership option. For those who are ready to go all in, this includes classes, coaching (group and individual) and maximum support!

mFIT Coaching Services

This is no ordinary coaching. We coach with your mental fitness in mind.
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Life Coaching

Our Certified Life Coaches are trained in mental fitness concepts so that they can serve as guides for our classes, interact via weekly chats and support forums and provide small-group or individual coaching as needed.

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Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic Coaching is provided by Licensed Therapists or Psychologists. They perform the same functions, but it is useful for members who need greater sensitivity due to the nature of their concerns.

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CCP for Parents

Collaborative Coaching for Parents (CCP) is very helpful for parents who are dealing with parenting or behavior issues. CCP teaches parents a collaborative, child-centered approach to promote desired behaviors.

mFIT Fast Track Membership

If you want to run like the wind, we have a Fast Track option!


As the only membership option we offer, Fast Track packs incredible value with unlimited classes for those who are ready to go all in. There's never been a better time to start your mental fitness journey! Are you ready?


Membership includes weekly mFIT blogs, monthly mPACT Guides and access to weekly office hours and all of our support forums! While you dive into classes, we provide abundant support! Join today!


Fast Track members receive weekly small group instructional coaching sessions (three coach-led, one peer-led). We believe these coaching sessions are crucial to keeping you on track. We all need support!


Finally, Fast Track members also receive a monthly individual coaching session. This 30-minute session hones in on specific personal goals and helps client design action-steps to eliminate stuck points.

We Support You!

Let us count the ways...

Office Hours

We offer weekly office hours for members who are enrolled in one of our mFIT Classes. This provides an opportunity for members to get support and ask class-related questions. So please do not sit in confusion. Just ask!

Coach Chats

With the Plus Membership, members are able to touch base with their coach during the week. This is useful for ongoing support, but also helps members move past a particular stuck point in their mental fitness journey.

Support Forums

All paid membership have access to support! Members may post to any of the topic-specific forums. Peer feedback and support from those taking a similar journey means free practical advice from those who understand!

mFIT Power Programs

When it's time to reach a little higher, push a little harder and dig a little deeper...we've got you covered.
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Our Masterminds provide a peak experience for growth. Once you've built the foundation of mental fitness and have a targeted goal to achieve in a time-limited manner, then you're ready to Mastermind. It's intensive, rewarding and an incredibly effective platform for success!

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mPower Retreats

Sometimes the best learning happens when we are able to get out of our environment, enjoy an exotic place, lay aside our daily responsibilities and ... focus.  Our mPower Retreats are designed with all of these goals in mind. Relax. Enjoy. Meet new people. And get unparalleled clarity.

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Coach Training

We believe that mental fitness is for everyone, so we need Life Coaches and Therapists to train with us in order to meet the demand! To coach with us, you must complete the required Mental Fitness Coach Training, but the skills you learn are worth the price of admission!

Research & Community

Our passion is mental fitness and we are supported by the best team in the world...YOU.
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The Mental Fitness Institute conducts ongoing research in order to document the link between mental fitness skills and positive functioning. The goal is to develop a quick and easy assessment for clients to better gauge their current skill level, identify specific skill deficits and learn how best to improve them. By taking and sharing our surveys, you are personally contributing!

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Join Our Team

If you are a Certified Life Coach, a Licensed Therapist or a Psychologist, then you may have interest in joining our growing staff. We are looking for qualified people to provide Life Coaching or Therapeutic Coaching (by therapists) for our classes, groups and 1-on-1 coaching services and to design courses with us. Not only can you add to your income, but enrich others by sharing your knowledge.

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mSHARE Affiliates

Because we are passionate about mental fitness and we've seen the powerful changes it can make in the lives of our clients, we are developing mSHARE (affiliate program). What this means is that when you refer someone to us and they purchase a membership or service, you receive an affiliate bonus. More information will be available as mSHARE is ready to launch.

“One of the most important things I learned from taking mental fitness classes is how to pull off the self-judgment and stop listening to the critical voices in my head. This was crucial for me because it meant that instead of delving into the shame that I had always felt, I could actually come to a solution. This has, quite literally, changed my entire life. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that it has SAVED my life. My advice to all those who are suffering? Don't wait another day. Learn the mental fitness skills you need to become who you were really meant to be. I did. And I've never once looked back.”

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[email protected], OH Recovered from Anxiety Disorder & Childhood Abuse

“As I learned how to face the horrible memories of my childhood, I realized that I was using my behaviors to cope with the pain. I learned that the eating disorder I'd had since my pre-teens was a choice, not a necessity. Once I decided it was no longer an option, I shut the door on it for good and this forced me to learn new coping skills. Im happy to say that I've had no eating disorder symptoms for over two years. There IS freedom and mental fitness skills gave that to me.”

[email protected], OH Recovered from Eating Disorder & Suicidality

"Mental fitness is one of those amazing concepts that once you get it, you're like 'Oh, yeah!' I've been to more therapists than I care to admit and none of them really helped me. I'd leave their office feeling like I'd thrown up, but not much else. With mental fitness, I had homework and specific skills to work on. I was so glad to finally be DOING SOMETHING that worked. What a relief!"

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[email protected], OR Recovered from Low Self-Esteem