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Thanks to our coaches, mFIT Partners, and mSHARE Affiliates for spreading the word!
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mSHARE Affiliates

Because we are passionate about mental fitness and we've seen the powerful changes it can make in the lives of our clients, we are developing our affiliate program, mSHARE, to encourage and reward those who promote mental fitness. What this means is that when you refer someone to us and they purchase a membership or service, you receive an affiliate bonus. More information will be available as our mSHARE Affiliate Program is ready to launch.

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mFIT Surveys

We conduct ongoing research in order to document the link between mental fitness skills and positive functioning. The goal is to develop a quick and easy online assessment (mSCORE) for clients to better gauge their current skill levels, identify any deficits and then learn how best to improve them. When our mSHARE Affiliates get others to take the mFIT surveys, they earn credits that can be applied toward mFIT purchases and services.

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mFIT Products

One way we support our research is through product sales. We depend on concerned partners to help us promote these products in order to assist with our research efforts. Because we have such a small profit margin, it is difficult to pay bonuses on these. However, our mShare Affiliates earn credits on their sales (e.g., $500 = 50 credits) and these can be exchanged for memberships, online classes or group coaching (credits can also be gifted).

Learn how mental fitness training has helped others...

“One of the most important things I learned from taking mental fitness classes is how to pull off the self-judgment and stop listening to the critical voices in my head. This was crucial for me because it meant that instead of delving into the shame that I had always felt, I could actually come to a solution. This has, quite literally, changed my entire life. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that it has SAVED my life. My advice to all those who are suffering? Don't wait another day. Learn the mental fitness skills you need to become who you were really meant to be. I did. And I've never once looked back.”

Dee, testimonial, mental fitness, mental fitness institute
[email protected], OH Recovered from Anxiety Disorder & Childhood Abuse

“As I learned how to face the horrible memories of my childhood, I realized that I was using my behaviors to cope with the pain. I learned that the eating disorder I'd had since my pre-teens was a choice, not a necessity. Once I decided it was no longer an option, I shut the door on it for good and this forced me to learn new coping skills. Im happy to say that I've had no eating disorder symptoms for over two years. There IS freedom and mental fitness skills gave that to me.”

[email protected], OH Recovered from Eating Disorder & Suicidality

"Mental fitness is one of those amazing concepts that once you get it, you're like 'Oh, yeah!' I've been to more therapists than I care to admit and none of them really helped me. I'd leave their office feeling like I'd thrown up, but not much else. With mental fitness, I had homework and specific skills to work on. I was so glad to finally be DOING SOMETHING that worked. What a relief!"

meredith, testimonial, mental fitness institute
[email protected], OR Recovered from Low Self-Esteem