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We believe in skills, not disorders.

Focusing on problems makes THEM bigger. Focusing on skills make YOU better.

The reality is that whatever we focus on gets amplified. Period. Thus, focusing on problems means that the problems will be amplified rather than the solution. This strikes us as letting the tail wag the dog. As an organization, we are highly invested in helping individuals develop a core set of mental fitness skills and we identify problems only as a means of defining unsuccessful past approaches. Our primary aim is to teach clients how to leverage newly learned skills for success and for achieving meaningful life goals.

As children, we are carefully taught basic skills such as how to read, write, tie our shoes, play an instrument or a sport. We are not expected to perform up to par in any of these without proper instruction. Yet, we are not specifically taught the crucial skills needed for relationships, socializing, self-care, emotional regulation, positive mental mindsets, meditation, self-soothing or healthy coping. The result? People are too easily crippled by negative life events. We believe the answer is simple: mental fitness skills are for everyone.

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mFIT Vision

Our vision is to provide access to on-demand, low-cost global training for mental fitness in order to enhance the lives of as many people as possible. As humans, we often suffer needlessly because we simply do not have the skills for effectively managing our emotional, social and mental lives. We believe this ought not be. No one should perish or languish in intolerable conditions due to a mere lack of knowledge. Our vision is to make sure the needed training is available to anyone who desires it.

mFIT Mission

Our mission is to reduce human suffering by teaching mental fitness skills for everyday living, whether for increasing productivity, creativity and problem solving; improving social engagement and relationships; teaching effective and compassionate parenting; reducing self-abuse through appropriate self-care; or alleviating the symptoms of mental disorders through altering perspectives and contexts. What this means to us is that we take our mission of empowering people to a whole new level.

Here's a Sneak Preview of Our Services

Your mental fitness is our business, so we are busy, busy, busy!

mFIT Services

Our goal is to reduce human suffering by teaching mental fitness skills for everyday living. We do this through online classes to teach mFIT concepts, through coaching services to support your learning and through our mental mastery programs. Dive into classes and coaching today to start your personal mental fitness journey!

mFIT Programs

While mFIT classes train basic mental fitness skills, we also offer programs that take your learning to an all new level. Our Mastermind Groups offer intensive, close-knit groups to maximize progress and success. Our retreats allow time for creative breakthroughs. And our Coach Training provides coaches with an mFIT framework.

mFIT Products

We offer products to fund ongoing research efforts in validating the links between mFIT skills and life successes as well as in developing our mental fitness assessment, mSCORE. We are currently developing mugs, t-shirts, journals and word art. You can help by taking our mFIT Surveys  and purchasing products!


Because we are passionate about mental fitness, we are actively conducting research. With mSCORE, we are developing a quick and easy online assessment to help clients find skill deficits, learn how to eliminate them, and track progress with new learning. By taking our mFIT Surveys, you are letting your voice be heard!

Join Our Team

As we expand, we will be looking for Certified Life Coaches and Licensed Therapists or Psychologists to serve the coaching needs of our clients. All new coaches must successfully complete mFIT Coach Training in order to adhere to our mFIT concepts. We also invite those interested in co-designing classes to contact us.

Our Non-Profit

Our non-profit arm, Mental Fitness Education, focuses strictly on wide-scale public education for mental fitness concepts. For example, our goal is to provide mFIT training for students in grades 4-12 across the nation to introduce mFIT concepts from an early age and to develop college-level courses to allow continued skill acquisition.

Meet the mFIT Team

Our stellar team members make our mission possible!
Susan E. Hickman, PhD, PsyD, mental fitness institute

S. E. Hickman, PhD

Director & Founder

Psychologist & Life Coach

Marketing & Expansion
Curriculum Development
Therapeutic Coaching


Laura Weaver, Certified Life Coach

Laura Weaver

Director of Customer Relations

Certified Life Coach

Customer Relations
Class Instructor
Life Coaching


Elena Pezzini

Elena Pezzini, PhD

Coaching Advisor

Executive & Life Coach

Advisory Board
Coaching Mentor
Business Development


Heather Porter

Heather Porter

Membership & Technial Advisor

Membership Expert

Advisory Board
Technical Advisor
Business Development


Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown

Small Business Specialist

Advisory Board Member

Small Business Specialist
Business Advisor
Business Plan Advisor


lisa brown, 3E-social, social media, marketing

Lisa Brown

Social Media Advisor

Advisor Board Member

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Management
Business Development


INCubator, Chattanooga Area Chamber


Chattanooga Area Chamber

Business Development

Business INCubator
Chamber of Commerce
Business Education/Support



mFIT Coaches

Indivdiual & Group Coaching

Coaching Staff

Course Coaching
Individual Coaching
Curriculum Advisors


The Sights and Sounds of Success

There's nothing like results to make you a believer.
  • self-esteem, mental fitness, self-improvement
    Rebecca: “I never knew what I was missing. Now I do."
    Mental fitness has literally reshaped how I view the world and my part in it. Therapy is great if you need it, but I didn't want to focus on problems. I wanted to focus on strengths. Mental fitness helped me use my natural strengths to approach life in a whole new way. I've moved from a world of grey to full-color living!
  • mScore, mFIT Surveys, CCP, Collaborative Coaching for Parents, mental fitness institute
    Sam: “I'd never thought about what being a father meant."
    [email protected] Francisco, CA
    We hadn't planned for our son. It just kind of happened, you know? But when he was born, I realized I had no idea how to be the kind of father he needed. Collaborative Coaching (CCP) fit our family so well because we wanted positive parenting concepts. While parenting is still not easy, we cooperate and respect each other. And that makes us all happy.
Helen Keller

"The best and most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched...
they must be felt with the heart."