Fast Track Membership

If you want to run like the wind, we have a Fast Track option!

Test your commitment and your mettle with Fast Track.

Our Fast Track Membership provides access to the information you need in order to make the changes you want. It includes benefits such as content-rich blogs, unlimited classes, mPACT Guides (monthly review of an mFIT skill), weekly open office hours for course-related questions, topic-specific support forums, and both small group and individual coaching.

Fast Track classes and coaching can also be customized for specialized tracts (e.g., CCP for parents). All of these benefits are designed to work together to help you target specific areas, train to new levels and test your mettle again and again! It's time to ask yourself, "Am I all in?" Will this finally be your year to set new records and run like the wind? Then get to it!

Fast Track Overview


As the only membership option we offer, Fast Track packs incredible value with unlimited classes for those who are ready to go all in. There's never been a better time to start your mental fitness journey! Are you ready?


Membership includes weekly mFIT blogs, monthly mPACT Guides and access to weekly office hours and all of our support forums! While you dive into classes, we provide abundant support! Join today!


Fast Track members receive weekly small group instructional coaching sessions (three coach-led, one peer-led). We believe these coaching sessions are crucial to keeping you on track. We all need support!


Finally, Fast Track members also receive a monthly individual coaching session. This 30-minute session hones in on specific personal goals and helps client design action-steps to eliminate stuck points.

Fast Track Membership Plan

All the resources you need for reaching maximum distance in the shortest time.
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Online Classes

New Classes Every Month

All of our classes are 4 weeks. Some topics will have multiple units that are to be taken in order for greater breadth of study (e.g., Self-Esteem 101, 201, 301). However, with continued membership, you can take as long as you want and access support to keep you moving.

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Class Worksheets

Downloadable Learning Aids

Each class has an online video component and worksheets that serve as learning aids to keep you engaged, listening and learning. These courses are designed for active participation from listening and using the worksheets to interacting in forums and office hours.

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Coaching Included

Small Group Coaching

Memberships renew monthly so you can add new classes every 30 days. If you are still be working on the previous one, you can opt to focus on your small-group coaching (Google Hangout or conference line) to get questions answered, stay motivated or get assistance with course materials.

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Private Coaching

Individual Coaching Included!

Enjoy one 30-minute individual coaching session per month in addition to your classes and small-group coaching. Private coaching is great for targeting sensitive issues, resolving challenges and for keeping you on track with your mental fitness classes or personal goals.

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Maximum Support

Weekly Office Hours & Forums

You're invited to attend the online weekly office hours as a point of contact to clarify questions about classes so that you can keep moving toward your goals! Office hours will be posted on the Events Calendar. You can also access all support forums for additional help!

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mFit Blogs

Weekly Mental Fitness Tips

Our weekly blogs provide spot-on tips to improving your mental fitness across a wide range of topics. You may be working on a class for relieving anxiety, but this doesn't mean that a blog on relationships isn't great too! Our blogs cover a wide range of topics, so dive in and enjoy!

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Important Cancellation Info

Memberships auto-renew each month, but of course may be cancelled at any time. Cancellations take effect for the next month's billing cycle so that each member has the current month to complete the class in which they are enrolled. Access would then cease at month's end.

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Renewals & Fees

Monthly Membership Renewals

Memberships auto-renew each month unless cancelled. Fast Track is value-packed at $149 per month and provides 4-week content-rich classes, small-group and individual coaching, weekly mental fitness tips, mPACT Guides, support forums and office hours! You get it all!

Other Available mFIT Resources

When you're ready for the next level of intensity, step right up!
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Coaching 1-on-1

Coaching A-La-Carte

For those who do not desire classes, but would like individual coaching to privately focus on very specific and targeted goals, we offer individual coaching as a stand alone option. It includes 100 minutes per month, which can be arranged with your individual coach.

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Intensive Program Add-On

Our Mastermind Groups are small and selective because this is not for everyone. We spend six months together in close-knit, intensive work and co-design a specific plan to move you to the next level while supporting you in your journey. It is intense, rewarding and incredible!

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mPOWER Retreats

Retreat Add-On

Sometimes the best learning happens when we are able to get out of our environment, enjoy an exotic place, lay aside our daily responsibilities ... and focus. Our mPower Retreats are designed with all of this in mind. Relax. Enjoy. Meet new people. And get unparalleled clarity.

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CCP for Parents

Collaborative Coaching

Collaborative Coaching for Parents (CCP) is very helpful for those dealing with parenting challenges or conduct issues with their children and feel stuck. CCP helps parents use a collaborative, child-centered approach to promote desired behaviors and outcomes.

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Brace for mPACT

Guides for Every Day Skills

Our monthly mPACT reviews a specific mental fitness skill in a quick, easy, 1-2 page format designed to guide you through the key components of the skill. Our guides cover a wide range of topics and can be used to teach adults and teens across casual and professional settings.

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mFIT Products

Product Sales Fund Research

Our research efforts help us confirm specific links between mFIT skills and positive outcomes. We support our research via product sales such as T-Shirts, mugs, journals, Guides, eReports, and mFIT art. Please support our mission and research by purchasing products!

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Join Our Team

Write Courses for Us

If you have expert knowledge on a particular topic and also have good writing skills, you may want to design 4-week courses for us. Courses follow a specific format and length and must include worksheets and learning aids. Please contact us for further information if interested.

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Call for Coaches

Become an mFIT Coach!

If you are a Certified Life Coach, a Licensed Therapist or a Psychologist, then you may have interest in joining our growing staff. We are looking for qualified staff to provide coaching for our classes, small groups and individual coaching services. Reach out to us to learn more!

“It is very sad to me that we treat children with so little respect, but are surprised when they grow up to show poor self concept, limited self-control and all manner of emotional distress. They are merely reflecting back how society - and sadly, often their parents - have treated them throughout childhood. Mental fitness as a lifestyle means helping adults, and in turn our children, to be whole and healthy in dealing with their emotions, with how to handle life's many difficulties, and with how to treat themselves and others with respect, dignity and honor. A good outcome does indeed need good input somewhere along the way. Mental fitness does not require magic, just consistent effort."


Dr [email protected], TN