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It is in our nature to explore, creative and contribute to a larger cause.

It is truly astounding as to how self-centered we've become as Americans. "Look out for #1" and "Grab all you can get" are such common mantras that many people never consider the unwanted consequences of this level of egocentric living. Is it any wonder, then, that loneliness, depression, emptiness and self-destructive behaviors also pervade our emotional landscape? The sad irony is that this means we're missing a crucial aspect of life...the vibrant heartbeat of community.

As history demonstrates, when disaster strikes, people pull together, share, assist and care in the context of community. Folks later remember this as one of their happiest moments precisely because of the genuine sharing and caring. The value we find in our work, our reason for living, and all that we put out hands to boils down to our view of our place in the world and the worth of our contributions to others. Why, then, are we ever lulled into a "me first" mindset? Very. Good. Question.

Work & Productivity Course Components

Classes can be purchased as content-only (Solo Class) or with added support (Class Plus option). Class Plus format offers the following benefits:

  • A variety of 4-week classes.
  • Downloadable learning aids for classes.
  • Support forums for questions and peer support.
  • Small-group instructional coaching to keep learning on track (3 coach-led, 1 peer-led)
  • One private, 30-minute coaching session per month for individualized work.
  • Weekly open office hours for course questions.
  • Weekly mental fitness tips via mFIT blogs
  • Monthly mPACT with mFIT Guides.

For those who want maximum support, we also offer one membership option (Fast Track).

NOTE: All classes are 4 weeks as they are designed to be completed during a 30-day period. There may be multiple class units on the same topic (e.g., Self-Esteem 101; Self-Esteem 102, etc.), which means classes must be taken in order as higher level courses build upon the previous ones.

Level I Class Offerings

Browse and select self-improvement classes below (or view class list). Level II & III Classes follow below.
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On Being Exceptional

Standing Out from the Crowd

Our work is a social environment in which we will spend more time than any other setting. This means that we can be swayed over time to adopt behavior and attitudes that are common to the workplace rather than true to our internal values. Research shows, however, that if even one person stands up and stands out, it can influence others in the group to do the same. This class is about quietly leading by example and modeling positive values in the workplace. [View CLASS LIST]

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Value Based Living

Improving Work Satisfaction

If you have low work satisfaction, then one place to look is to examine the potential mismatch between your internal values and those espoused by your work setting. For example, if you highly prize honesty and integrity but work for a company that has deficits in integrity, this mismatch creates a great deal of internal tension and reduces work satisfaction. This class is designed to help you examine your values and mismatches to work and other environments and ways to correct them. [View CLASS LIST]

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On Leadership I

Power as a Test of Character

There is nothing more telling about a person than how they behave once promoted to a position of power. Do they handle the sudden power with grace and concern for those whom they supervise or is it a rapid devolution into tyranny? Whatever surfaces was already there, waiting for the opportunity to express itself. A true leader does not resort to tyranny, but increases sensitivity, concern and encouragement of those in their purview. Take a close look at your leadership style. [View CLASS LIST]

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The Art of Encouragement

Empowering Employees

Whether raising children, teaching students or supervising employees, it is crucial to offer frequent and sincere encouragement. Praise too soon or inappropriately and it won't stick. Withhold encouragement for too long and you may lose the opportunity to influence due to a build up of resentment or chronic demoralization. Your personal feelings toward the person has to be set aside, with a focus on finding ways to encourage. This class focuses on the art of effective encouragement for healthy employee relations.  [View CLASS LIST]

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Minding the Bottom Line

Cultures that Support Sabotage

It is curious thing that while every company would say they are minding the bottom line, their corporate behavior says something much different. Heartless corporate policies are known to produce a backlash effect which actually encourages employee sabotage rather than loyalty. It is also well known that, on average, employees who feel valued and cared about work harder and are more protective of their employers than those who feel disenfranchised. This class hits the highlights of the causes behind employee sabotage.  [View CLASS LIST]

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Corporate Bullying

Oppression Among the Ranks

Because most people must work in order to make a living, this necessity sets the stage for mistreatment by managers and corporate executives who use this power-down position to their advantage. The goal seems to be more about using up and then sacking employees (i.e., people are disposable) than cultivating loyal employees who then develop high levels of expertise and efficiency. Why is this viewed as an effective strategy? This class examines corporate bullying as a phenomenon and as a psychological stance and welcomes sharing of personal experiences. [View CLASS LIST]

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Cultivating Loyal Employees

Good-Faith Relationships

Employee satisfaction and loyalty to their organization is predicated on a number of factors. One of them is the belief in a mutual good-faith relationship. Meaning, when the employee lives up to their part of the bargain as outlined by clear objectives, the employer then provides expected and promised rewards. There is nothing more demoralizing that to give "your all" to a job only to be betrayed and mistreated. Learn what good-faith relationships look like and the expected returns. [View CLASS LIST]

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Entrepreneurs, Unite!

Developing Effective Support Systems

Entrepreneurship is a joy and a pleasure if this fits your particular mindset, habits and goals (otherwise, it could be torture!). However, it also has some unique challenges. Chief among them is the potential isolation that entrepreneurs can feel as they struggle to get their businesses up and running and in the black. To avoid burnout and increase the chances of success, developing appropriate support systems is crucial. Learn how to find and cultivate a support system to meet your unique needs. Entrepreneurs, unite! [View CLASS LIST]

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It's All in a Woman's Business

Challenges of Businesswomen

Not only is entrepreneurship challenging for anyone, female entrepreneurs have even more issues to overcome. Part of this stems from the remnants of prior prejudices against women in general such as less funding opportunities and greater exclusion from business-related networks (think: good ole boys network). This class takes an honest look at the challenges for women in business and focuses on networking and supportive relationships to overcome the hurdles. [View CLASS LIST]

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Does Money Buy Happiness?

The Delusion of Wealth

At first blush, it would seem a "no brainer" to say that yes, money buys happiness. But is this actually true? Turns out that money increases a felt sense of happiness only up to a point. Past that point, happiness actually decreases with additional income. Meaning, money increases happiness up to the point of meeting basic needs for food, shelter, clothing, medical care and at least some discretionary funds for things like vacation or other desired trinkets. Past that, though, wealth can become a burden. Learn more about the link between money and happiness. [View CLASS LIST]

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Moving Beyond Procrastination

Strategies & Power Motivators

Procrastination is rooted in a deficient mindset, but one that is unique to each person. However, there are some commonalities. For example, low motivation for a task can be at least partially attributed to an impoverished effort-reward ratio. In short, the reward is not viewed as worth the trouble. Procrastination can also be fear-based, which means avoidance comes from fear of failure or inadequacy for the task. This class explores the common roots of procrastination and helps to identify power motivators that will boost the effort-reward ratio. [View CLASS LIST]

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Hitting Your Target

Setting Effective Goals

Goals are a tricky thing. Some folks set goals very low to make certain they do not get overwhelmed, but then achievement is lagging. Other folks set super lofty goals but get discouraged in the long hill climb needed to reach them. The best strategy is actually a plan in which both of these aspects are incorporated. Setting high, long-term goals is good because this keep a specific end-point in mind, but we also need specific guidance on the day-to-day aspect of how to reach our chief aims. Thus, daily, weekly and monthly goals are handy. Learn how to set effective goals for your specific targets and keep moving! [View CLASS LIST]

“I used to always be so worried about upsetting people. I never wanted anyone to be mad at me because it made me feel so horrible, like I'd let them down. After taking classes at the Mental Fitness Institute, I realized that I just needed to be me. Nobody else. And those who loved me for me...well, that's who I'd want in my life anyway.  I'm just saying that if I can make that kind of change, anybody can.”


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