Self-Improvement Classes


You have the power to change the world.

Self-improvement classes do not represent an indulgence, a luxury or a narcissistic focus on the self. Quite the opposite, each of us has the responsibility and obligation to improve ourselves to become a better mother, father, sister, brother, family member, co-worker, employee, parent, partner, spouse, artist, politician, leader, inventor, scientist, business person, teacher, community member or whatever other role we fulfill.

Regardless of our position or status, we have the sacred obligation to be the best version of ourselves possible to create a better world for all. This means that every day, one choice upon another, we can reshape our mental landscape and recast our emotional environment to poise us for success and not failure, to offer love and hope instead of hate. By investing in personal growth, we openly declare that our lives matter.

Self-Improvement Course Components

Classes can be purchased as content-only (Solo Class) or with added support (Class Plus option). Class Plus format offers the following benefits:

  • A variety of 4-week classes.
  • Downloadable learning aids for classes.
  • Support forums for questions and peer support.
  • Small-group instructional coaching to keep learning on track (3 coach-led, 1 peer-led)
  • One private, 30-minute coaching session per month for individualized work.
  • Weekly open office hours for course questions.
  • Weekly mental fitness tips via mFIT blogs
  • Monthly mPACT with mFIT Guides.

For those who want maximum support, we also offer one membership option (Fast Track).

NOTE: All classes are 4 weeks as they are designed to be completed during a 30-day period. There may be multiple class units on the same topic (e.g., Self-Esteem 101; Self-Esteem 102, etc.), which means classes must be taken in order as higher level courses build upon the previous ones.

Level I Class Offerings

Browse and select self-improvement classes below (or view class list). Level II & III Classes follow below.
setting boundaries, self-improvement, mental fitness

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Setting Effective Boundaries

Do you find yourself letting others run over you or saying YES to demands when your heart screams NO? If you have often been called a martyr and find yourself overwhelmed in relationships because you're the only one giving, then you probably need this class. Learn how to set good boundaries and balance your own needs with those of others. [View CLASS LIST]

Self Esteem

Making Time for a Do-Over

Build Award Winning Self Esteem

If you've struggled with self-esteem, you need look no farther than your past. Your sense of worth is a core concept built from thousands of small interactions with family members, teachers, friends and those around you. The messages received over time tend to define us. The good news? You can decide to redefine you on your own terms. [View CLASS LIST]

dragon, emotions, emotional regulation, mental fitness

How to Tame Your (Unruly) Dragon

Managing & Regulating Your Emotions

Some days we all feel like a dragon. Yes, a genuine fire-breathing, killing machine. But that's okay so long as you know how to put yourself on a leash. Taming your dragon means first appreciating emotions as a crucial part of our biology. They remind us of our needs, which we'd best heed before our dragon burns the house down around us. [View CLASS LIST]

haunted house, trauma recovery, mental fitness

What to Do When Your House is Haunted

How to Get Past Your Past

Ever feel haunted by your past? This means the pain and suffering that happened there seems to keep following you around from room to room. And just when you think you've escaped, you run headlong into yet another faceless tormenter. Then this means it's time to take your life back, leave the past in the past, and step up for some good old-fashioned ghost busting! [View CLASS LIST]

trauma, recovery, mental fitness

Jumping Off the Trauma Train

You Are Bigger Than Your Trauma

Millions of people suffer devastating traumas of all kind from child abuse to death and loss to horrific accidents or medical illnesses to homelessness. We all carry scars from our families, from war, from mistreatment by society and everything in between. Yet there is great value hidden in every experience. We can carry it as a burden, or it can carry us to greater heights. It's all in how we view it. [View CLASS LIST]

monsters, self-acceptance, non-judgment

Loving the Monsters in the Basement

Self-Acceptance & Non-Judgment

We all have different aspects of ourselves. Some of these parts are darker, perhaps more needy or selfish, while other parts represent goodness and light. We have childish parts of us that simply want what we want and adult parts that can easily sacrifice for others. But unless we learn to love and accept ALL parts of us, we are destined to internal misery. [View CLASS LIST]

super powers, assertiveness, finding your voice, mental fitness

How to Reclaim Your Super Powers

Assertiveness & Finding Your Voice

Did you know that you have hidden Super Powers? It's true. Imagine how life would be different if your opinion mattered as much as everyone else around you and you were fearless in expressing them. Imagine if you could say NO when you needed to and YES when you wanted to. The possibilities of living a self-directed life are endless. Why not find out? [View CLASS LIST]


Will the Real You Please Stand Up?

Defining Your Meaning & Purpose

It is interesting just how many people I have met who cannot even describe what they personally like, dislike or want to do with their life. They have been so busy pleasing others and making sure they are accepted that they have no idea who they are. The truth is that humans thrive on identify, meaning and purpose. Isn't it time to find yours? [View CLASS LIST]

negative core beliefs, mental fitness

Are Your Beliefs Rotten to the Core?

Reversing Negative Core Beliefs

Life happens to us all. We do our best to toss out the bad and keep the good. But when life keeps serving up rotten luck, negative core beliefs can creep in like a landslide until we're buried so deep that we no longer see daylight. But keep digging, my friend! We'll help you crawl out from beneath the rubble and learn how to find daylight in even the darkest of places! [View CLASS LIST]

habits, change process, mental fitness

Making Time & Making Change

The Truth About Habits

If you listen carefully, you will hear many people talk about wanting to make a change such as to lose weight, learn a new language, stop fighting with their spouse, reduce stress levels, etc. But you will also hear a ton of excuses as to why these things never happen. Learn why changing your habits can either be the easiest or the hardest thing you've ever done. The choice is yours. [View CLASS LIST]

thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, mental fitness

You Are Exactly What You Think

Changing Your Thoughts Changes You

Our thoughts and perceptions limit what we actually see, what we are willing to do and how far we are willing to go beyond our normal experiences. One of the benefits of global travel is that it very quickly teaches you that your way is just ONE way. There are millions of different ways of being in the world. If you're stuck, let us help you try on a new lens and get you moving forward! [View CLASS LIST]

self-care, self-compassion, mental fitness

Loving Yourself is a Gift, Not a Sin

The Staying Power of Self-Care

If you desire to love and care for others, then you must not sacrifice loving and caring for yourself. Good self-care has nothing to do with selfishness. You cannot give a drink of water if your own cup is dry. By engaging in routine self-care, this means your cup will always be full and you can easily care for those around you. If you intend to give to others, you must also give to self. [View CLASS LIST]

Level II Class Offerings

Browse and select Level II self-improvement class below (or view class list). Prerequisites: Level I Classes.
setting boundaries, self-improvement, mental fitness

Minding Fences & Rebuffing Intruders

Effective Boundaries II

Once you've learned the basics of setting up safe and sturdy boundaries, you'll know how to decide who gets inside your fence, when and why. Now it's time to learn how to keep those boundaries in good repair. Sometimes you may allow breaches, but this would be a deliberate opening of the gate for a very specific reason and with full knowledge of the possible results. This is not being forced to do so.  [View CLASS LIST]

self-esteem, mental fitness

Renegotiating Your Personal Value

Award-Winning Self Esteem II

The Level I Self-Esteem class was about understanding and accepting that your negative self-view was built from accumulated experiences and the misperception that what others think of you is always correct. It was also about accepting that the most important opinion of self is yours. In this class, we build from there into designing ongoing experiences that inform your self-esteem in a positive and self-directed manner. [View CLASS LIST]

dragon, emotions, emotional regulation, mental fitness

How to Master Your (Willful) Dragon

Managing Your Emotions II

Some days you may still feel like a dragon. You know, that fire-breathing, killing machine? But in the previous class, you began learning how to put yourself on a leash. This meant putting out the fires you started. In this class, we go one step farther in helping you prevent the explosions in the first place by dealing more directly with the root causes. This goes beyond hearing and heeding - it is about anticipating the message.  [View CLASS LIST]

haunted house, trauma recovery, mental fitness

Please Stop Feeding the Ghosts!

Getting Past Your Past II

After you realized that your house was haunted and made the efforts in the first class to separate the past from the present, you should be ready to deal more directly with your ghosts. Ghost busting requires a mind that can be strongly anchored to the present and doesn't get easily sucked in by the critical voices of mental tormentors. Learn how to banish your ghosts in style!  [View CLASS LIST]

trauma, recovery, mental fitness

Jumping Tracks & Traveling Mercies

Trauma Recovery II

While it's true that someone else's actions may have put you on the wrong track, it's still your responsibility to get off that train. Your life course may have taken a bad turn due to trauma, but we believe it is never too late to jump tracks and head in a brand new, healthy direction. So don't sit on a one-way train to nowhere. Change destinations! We believe traveling mercies are available to all who ask. [View CLASS LIST]

monsters, self-acceptance, non-judgment

Monsters, Inc & Lessons from Sulley

Self-Acceptance & Non-Judgment II

If you remember Sulley from Monsters, Inc., then you'll get the idea that even monsters can be lovable. By first accepting all parts of you - what you value as good or bad - and then integrating them, you're well on your way to transformation from scary monster to lovable one. Remember that the darker parts of us simply represent unmet needs that are **ROARING**  for attention! [View CLASS LIST]

super powers, assertiveness, finding your voice, mental fitness

Sweet Super Powers Galore

Redefining Yourself II

In the first class, you had time to discover just what your super powers might be. This takes a bit of work because if you think of yourself as a land-dweller, it's hard to accept your wings. In this class, we offer you the opportunity to test those wings and navigate the skies. Finding and using your super powers means first believing you can, then practice, practice, practice! [View CLASS LIST]


The Mischief of Meaning Making

Self-Discovery & Authenticity II

Your journey of self-discovery already began in the first class, but defining who you are is a continual work in progress. Humans are insistent meaning makers by nature in that we abhor a vacuum and will apply meaning to everything, even if it is totally wrong, because we so strive to understand. In truth, we can decide and define the meaning that serves us best. [View CLASS LIST]

negative core beliefs, mental fitness

Weeding Out the Bad Apples

Replacing Negative Core Beliefs II

Being able to make your core beliefs visible is a necessary skill to being able to change them. Once you understand that core beliefs are formed through accumulated or highly salient experiences, you have a much better handle on how to actually build the type of core beliefs you want and that would best serve you and your goals. It is not rocket science, but it is systematic and careful work. [View CLASS LIST]

habit, changing habits, change process, mental fitness

From One Neuron to Another

Habit Change II

As you learned in the first class, the process of changing a habit can either be very difficult or relatively easy. The battle is fought and won in the mind. Literally. Habits merely represent well-worn, neurological loops in the head, thus the process of change is about forming new ones. This class expands on the change process to support continued growth. [View CLASS LIST]

thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, mental fitness

The Biology of Belief: Epigenetic Surprises

How Your Thoughts Define You II

By now, you will have learned that your thoughts carry incredible power to determine what you actually perceive of the world and what you are able to conceive in your mind. In this class, we delve deeper into the biology of belief, meaning we explore the actual physical mechanisms that mediate between our thoughts and the physical, spiritual, and emotional outcomes. [View CLASS LIST]

self-care, self-compassion, mental fitness

Giving Out of Your Abundance

Self-Care II

You have now learned why self-care is not selfish. In fact, it is not optional if you actually want to consistently help others because you cannot give what you do not possess yourself. This class focuses on helping learners build up their own internal reserves through award-winning self-care and through eliminating barriers to developing all aspects of the self. [View CLASS LIST]

“I used to always be so worried about upsetting people. I never wanted anyone to be mad at me because it made me feel so horrible, like I'd let them down. After taking classes at the Mental Fitness Institute, I realized that I just needed to be me. Nobody else. And those who loved me for me...well, that's who I'd want in my life anyway.  I'm just saying that if I can make that kind of change, anybody can.”


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