Foundations Classes


Make your building to last. Lay in a sturdy foundation.

When you face the moment of truth that something has got to change, sometimes it's hard to know exactly what that something is. It is one thing to realize that how you're weaving the particular strands of your life is faulty, but quite another to know which thread to pull that won't unravel you entirely.

This is why such moments of truth are also rapidly followed by moments of confusion. As my grandmother used to say, "Honey, don't sit in confusion too long or it will grow roots and hold you there forever." So if you find yourself confused and not sure where to start...let us help. Start with the foundation.

Foundations Course Components

Classes can normally be purchased as content-only (Solo Class) or with added support (Class Plus option). However, the foundations class automatically includes support because guidance is particularly useful when building a mental fitness foundation.

Mental Mastery Foundations Class offers the following benefits:

  • 12 weekly classes.
  • Downloadable learning aids.
  • Support forums for questions and peer support.
  • Small-group instructional coaching to keep learning on track (3 coach-led, 1 peer-led)
  • Weekly open office hours for course questions.
  • Weekly mental fitness tips via mFIT blogs.

For those who want maximum support, we also offer one membership option (Fast Track).

NOTE: Most of our classes are 4 weeks as they are designed to be completed during a 30-day period. However, the Foundations Classes are survey courses and are 12 weeks in length.

Mental Mastery Foundations 101 - 103

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Mental Mastery Foundations 101

Mental Mastery Foundations 101

Taking Heart and Taking Stock

Part of mental fitness is about adjusting your focus and changing your perspectives. One of the most important perspective changes is learning to take full ownership of your own life and your own choices, which means you can have full ownership of your own results. Ownership and mastery of your emotions is a crucial part of the process.  [View CLASS DETAILS]


Mental Mastery Foundations 102

Overcoming Stress, Outsourcing Worry

The funny thing about perspectives is that we "see what we believe," not the other way around. For mental fitness to take hold, we have to go to the root of our needs and fulfill them. If we believe needs to be wrong or weak, we will continue to deny them. Anxiety is then created by a mismatch between what we need and what we allow ourselves to have. [View CLASS DETAILS]


Mental Mastery Foundations 103

Moving Beyond the Mood

What does it mean when you're "in a mood" and how do you handle it? While we cannot eliminate all mood triggers, we can certain become masters at how we respond to provocation. In this class you'll explore your own developmental highway where you learned patterns of responding and learn how best to harness moods for motivation.  [View CLASS DETAILS]

Mental Mastery Foundations 201 - 203

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Mental Mastery Foundations 201

Mental Mastery Foundations 201

When You're House is Haunted

Every childhood has a legacy. There are no exceptions, which is why our past can haunt us. This class explores your legacy and the parental power-down relationships that formed your view of yourself and the world. To be mentally fit is to learn how to pluck what you can use from the past and leave the rest of that dusty mess behind. [View CLASS LIST]

Mental Mastery Foundations 202

Mental Mastery Foundations 202

Secret Sauce of Social Relationships

You may fancy yourself an independent cuss, but I have news for you. As far as your genetics is concerned, you still live on the savannah with the rest of the herd. This means that you (and us) are genetically programmed to be social (sorry). This class gets up close and personal about relationships and our striving, whether at work or at play, to belong. [View CLASS DETAILS]

Mental Mastery Foundations 203

Mental Mastery Foundations 203

Minding Your Mental Stores

If you're a busy little bee, juggling as fast as you can, then your mental stores may well be depleted. This class explores the value of self-expression and the necessity of self-care. While you may be doing a "fly by" on most life events, it's time to slow it down. Living a mindful life is living a mentally fit life and makes room for creative genius. [View CLASS DETAILS]

“I felt like I was caught in the therapy trap. Just talking about problems rather than solving them drove me crazy. Mental fitness may sound similar to mental health, but it is actually very different. The foundations class helped me see how off my thinking really was. I learned what I needed to focus on first.”


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