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When life tosses you in the air, you can either fall or learn how to fly.

Every day of our lives, we are moving toward some moment, some unforeseen event that will change the course of our lives, perhaps even the course of history. It is not really a matter of if, but a matter of when. Challenging or devastating events can befall any one of us at any moment. Thus, the question is really about how prepared we will be to meet the challenge. When life tosses us in the air, we can either plummet to the ground or learn how to fly. Believe it or not, the choice is truly ours.

In the face of such challenges, if we are to remain aloft, we must develop the skills to deal with emotional upheaval, unexpected events, sudden life changes and grief and loss. Coping skills mean the difference between pain and suffering. Pain happens to us all and has a beginning, middle and end; but suffering is optional and can be lifelong. When we cannot move past painful events and we hold onto negative emotions, we are choosing to suffer. This ought not be.

Emotions & Coping Skills Course Components

These classes focus on learning emotional regulation and learning good coping skills. Classes can be purchased as content-only (Solo Class) or with added support (Class Plus option). Class Plus format offers the following benefits:

  • A variety of 4-week classes.
  • Downloadable learning aids for classes.
  • Support forums for questions and peer support.
  • Small-group instructional coaching to keep learning on track (3 coach-led, 1 peer-led)
  • One private, 30-minute coaching session per month for individualized work.
  • Weekly open office hours for course questions.
  • Weekly mental fitness tips via mFIT blogs
  • Monthly mPACT with mFIT Guides.

For those who want maximum support, we also offer one membership option (Fast Track).

NOTE: All classes are 4 weeks as they are designed to be completed during a 30-day period. There may be multiple class units on the same topic (e.g., Self-Esteem 101; Self-Esteem 102, etc.), which means classes must be taken in order as higher level courses build upon the previous ones.

Level I Class Offerings

Browse and select classes below (or view class list). Level II & III Classes follow below.
biology of emotions, mental fitness institute

Emotions in the Body

Biology of Emotions

Contrary to popular opinion, emotions are not a nuisance, something to be shoved underground or ignored. Rather, our emotions serve a crucial biological purpose: signaling. They signal important underlying needs that, if we are wise, we do not ignore. The first step to emotional regulation is to change our view of the nature and purpose of emotions. Accepting your emotions goes a long way toward regulating them. [View CLASS LIST]

emotions, call for action, mental fitness institute

Emotions in Motion

A Biological Call for Action

Understanding your emotions means viewing them as what they really are: a biological call for action. Emotions are motivators and they are prompting us to take some form of action based on an underlying need. Our needs are never "wrong," though how we meet them can be wrong in the sense of being unhealthy. This class reviews the common "calls for action" associated with specific emotions. [View CLASS LIST]

dragon, emotions, emotional regulation, mental fitness

How to Tame Your (Unruly) Dragon

Managing & Regulating Your Emotions

Some days we all feel like a dragon. Yes, a genuine fire-breathing, killing machine. But that's okay so long as you know how to put yourself on a leash. Taming your dragon means identifying your specific emotional needs and then learning how to satisfy them in a healthy and prosocial manner. Yes, this means teaching your dragon coping skills to avoid fiery explosions! [View CLASS LIST]

monsters, self-acceptance, non-judgment

Loving the Monsters in the Basement

Self-Acceptance & Non-Judgment

We all have different aspects of ourselves. Some of these parts are darker, perhaps more needy or selfish, while other parts represent goodness and light. We have childish parts of us that simply want what we want and adult parts that can easily sacrifice for others. But unless we learn to love and accept ALL parts of us, we are destined to internal misery. [View CLASS LIST]

negative core beliefs, mental fitness

Are Your Beliefs Rotten to the Core?

Reversing Negative Core Beliefs

Life happens to us all. We do our best to toss out the bad and keep the good. But when life keeps serving up rotten luck, negative core beliefs can creep in like a landslide until we're buried so deep that we no longer see daylight. But good coping skills will help you find the light at the end of the tunnel! This class helps you pull out from beneath the rubble and reframe those old negative beliefs. [View CLASS LIST]

control, classes, mental fitness institute

The Chains of Control

Breaking Free from Over-Control

We've all met control freaks and perhaps you're one of them. Or perhaps someone you love is crazy about control. The truth is that at the core most over-control is about a strong sense of insecurity. This means that the underlying need for exerting control is about increasing security in order to reduce anxiety. This class explores the emotional basis and how to use good coping skills to escape the chains of over-control. [View CLASS LIST]

creative coping, mental fitness institute, classes

Creative Coping I

Distraction & Self-Soothing

Our Creative Coping series explores six different types of coping skills. In this class, we explore two of these: Distraction and Self-Soothing. Painful circumstances happen to all of us and we cannot always control the events or the timing. What we can control, however, is our reaction to these unexpected events. Distraction and Self-Soothing are first-line coping defenses against the overwhelming emotions associated with negative events.  [View CLASS LIST]

creative coping, mental fitness institute

Creative Coping II

Mood Shifting & Mental Makeovers

Our Creative Coping series explores six different types of coping skills. In this class, we explore two more: Mood Shifting and Mental Makeovers. We all have the experience of being able to quickly get angry or upset (i.e, a rapid shift in mood), but what few realize is that we can also rapidly shift our mood back to calm. In addition, we can use Mental Makeovers as a coping strategy. This is about changing perspectives to positively impact your emotional state. [View CLASS LIST]

creative coping, coping skills, mental fitness institute, classes

Creative Coping III

Action Points & Future Focusing

Our Creative Coping series explores six different types of coping skills. In this class, we explore the final two: Action Points and Future Focusing. In stressful circumstances, a great deal of emotional distress stems from feeling stuck, frozen or helpless. Thus, Action Points focuses on the power of taking positive action. A helpful companion to this is Future-Focusing in which a purpose-driven, future goal serves as a focal point for enduring negative emotional events. [View CLASS LIST]

anxiety, classes, mental fitness institute

Anxiety Free Me

Saying Goodbye to Anxiety

As the chaos of our modern world spirals out of control, literally millions of people are suffering from what is labeled as anxiety, worry, panic, or obsessiveness. At the core, anxiety is a natural defensive reaction of the central nervous system to protect us from danger and we can become conditioned to produce this fear response to even neutral, non-threatening events. Learn how to break free of the anxiety trap! [View CLASS LIST]

anger, emotions, mental fitness institute, classes

The Voice of Anger

What is Your Anger Saying?

Have you noticed that there seems to be a lot of angry people in the world? Are you one of them? Remember that anger as an emotion is signaling a particular need. In order to control or reduce an anger response, this requires that you understand and meet the actual need that is fueling it. Anger is an important and necessary emotion for safety, so eliminating it entirely is not the goal; reducing it through positive self-care is. [View CLASS LIST]

sadness, depression, emotions, mental fitness institute

When Blue is Not a Color

Overcoming Depression

The mood state we call depression or sadness is rampant and millions of people are left untreated. Depression hits all age, ethnic and socio-economic groups. It has a biological underpinning related to survival and is sending a strong message from mind and body. Understanding the message and making needed changes is crucial to alleviating low mood. Only you can create a life worth living. [View CLASS LIST]

attachment, belonging, emotions, mental fitness institute

Attachment & Belonging

Reversing Thwarted Belonging

It is easy to forget at times that humans are "herd" animals. Our desire to belong is underpinned by a need for safety, acceptance, emotional attachment and social interaction. When we experience chronic negative life events, especially in childhood (e.g., abuse or neglect), these needs often go unmet, leading to isolation and intense loneliness as we subconsciously crave the missed connections. Learn how to re-engaged with others to reduce emotional suffering. [View CLASS LIST]

self-esteem, mental fitness institute

What is the Price on Your Head?

Building Award-Winning Self-Esteem

If you've struggled with poor self-esteem, you need look no farther than your past. Your sense of worth is a core concept built from thousands of small interactions with family members, teachers, friends and those around you. The messages received over time tend to define us unless we specifically work to prevent this from happening. The good news? You can decide to redefine yours;f on your own terms so that poor self-esteem you feel today isn't your future. [View CLASS LIST]

grief, loss, emotions, mental fitness institute

Redefining Grief & Loss

There is a Time to Grieve No More

There are few things more devastating that the intense grief following loss. Loss can be through death, broken relationships or a life crisis. It can be human loss, loss of a beloved pet, job loss, loss of assets of other losses. Whatever the source or circumstances that evoke grief, there is a definite period of intense emotional upheaval which takes time to navigate. Learn the common markers of grief and how best to recover and meaningfully re-engage in life. [View CLASS LIST]

Change may be hard, but it is so worth the effort.

“I used to always be so worried about upsetting people. I never wanted anyone to be mad at me because it made me feel so horrible, like I'd let them down. After taking classes at the Mental Fitness Institute, I realized that I just needed to be me. Nobody else. And those who loved me for me...well, that's who I'd want in my life anyway.  I'm just saying that if I can make that kind of change, anybody can.”


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