mFIT Class Categories


Knowledge is Power. Want some?

We offer classes and continue to expand our library because we believe that knowledge is power. When you understand the problem and have a plan to correct it, you are much more likely to succeed. So if you clearly lack skills, then take the appropriate classes to learn them. Your future happiness may well depend on it. And really, what do you have to lose?

We also offer small-group coaching along with our classes because we also know that information is not enough ... unless you actually apply it. It is one thing to know and quite another to do. This is where coaching is priceless because most of us need the accountability and encouragement to help us follow through to our goals, even for the things we desire most.

We Offer Two Ways to Learn

Pick Your Format and Pick Your Class

Flying Solo

If you already have a life coach or therapist, then taking classes without our added support is a viable option. You can even give your support person access to your course progress. We provide the content and you simply study at your own pace and utilize your current support system to help keep you on track.

Hiring a Team

For most folks, we suggest using the Class Plus option, which means you're not only purchasing a class but hiring a team to support your progress and learning! Class Plus comes with support forums, live small-group instructional coaching, mFIT Guides and access to open office hours. Your mFIT goals are our top priority!

Classes Focus on Six Major Life Areas

For genuine mental fitness, it is important to improve skills in all six areas.

Start Here: Foundations Class

Overview Class for Mental Mastery Foundations.

Not sure where to start? Then take our introductory course to get you feet wet before diving into the deep end of your personal mental makeover! Mental Mastery Foundations introduces you to some of the concepts covered in classes across the six categories of mental fitness. This survey course helps you see where you need help the most.


Self-mastery skills improve overall functioning.

Although we aim to be our best self, we actually never fully reach it because there is continual room for improvement. We can always learn more, grow more and be more. Class topics include self-esteem, boundaries, perspectives, responsibilities, releasing our past, healthy self-care, etc. Almost all limitations are our own. We simply limit ourselves.

Emotions & Coping

Emotions are not a nuisance. They are an essential part of our biology.

Our emotions serve a crucial biological purpose: to motivate action. Without them, why would we marry, go to work or be creative? Emotions are essential messages from mind and body and once understood, they can be much more easily managed. These classes teach you how to respond to these biological messages for emotional balance.

Relationship Savvy

Good relationships are good containers for the soul.

We all have the need for social connection where love, acceptance, respect and friendship are exchanged. So why suffer needlessly in destructive relationships? These classes focus on the "how to's" of being an effective partner, friend, co-worker or family member. It is never too late to experience the joy of loving and being loved in return.

Family & Parenting

Good parenting is not necessarily natural, but it can certainly be learned.

There are countless books on parenting, child development and discipline. But none have tackled the basics of learning, living and teaching mental fitness skills for the entire family. We think it's time to change that. Mental fitness is as important to the mind for healthy living as food is to the body for healthy development. It's a basic essential for everyone.

Work & Productivity

There is no true satisfaction without productivity; no true contentment without contribution.

There is a drive in humans to mold and to make, to create and contribute. We find purpose and meaning in our efforts to bring value to ourselves and to those around us. It doesn't matter if what we contribute is large or small...only that we find meaning in the effort. These classes focus on improving productivity by living into our purpose.

Mental Health Matters

Are accumulated skill deficits parading as mental disorders? We think "yes."

We believe that many disorders such as depression, anxiety and even personality disorders can be better attributed to accumulated skill deficits over time. If children are not provided with essential tools for mental fitness, why are we surprised if they are disordered as adults? With new skills, normal functioning is often within reach.

Recreation, Leisure & Creativity

"Time off" is just as important as "time on" for creativity.

Humans are so industrious...always pushing hard for the next goal, reaching for the next prize. But all work and no play can leave us running in circles and getting nowhere. Sometimes the most productive thing we can nothing. Disengaging to relax and recover gives our mind the time and space to creatively solve problems.


Why coaching with classes is so darn helpful...

“The classes at the Mental Fitness Institute taught me the skills to move forward and the skills I needed to plan my future. I cannot believe how far I've come in such a short period of time. I would recommend the classes and coaching programs to anyone!”


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