Mother’s Day for the Motherless

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Mother’s Day is meant to be a celebration for the incredible hard work that every mother faces in raising her children. It should be celebrated! So to all the mothers out there…Happy Mother’s Day! You are so appreciated! If you do have a mother who is living, please remember all that she sacrificed for you and take the time to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. Make it special for her in some way that will be meaningful to her and that shows how much you care.

Parents are sometimes forgotten by their children, even though parents make a big deal out of their child’s birthdays and special days. It is not unusual for children to forget important dates such as their parents’ birthdays or wedding anniversary. This is even more painful when one parent has passed and the remaining parent is alone. Remember that a gift doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be a simple card with a $20 gift card to a restaurant. For most parents, its not about expensive gifts anyway. It’s simply about the thought and the expression of love. Part of growing up and becoming adults is to move beyond being so self-focused that we fail to return these important expressions to our parents or other family members.

However, it is also important to realize that millions of people will be motherless on mother’s day. Their mothers have either passed or are absent from their lives for other reasons. They may be emotional orphans, which means the relationship with their mother is so strained or painful as to be non-existent. Men who have lost their wives to death may find themselves grieving on this day, as their children have no mother left to celebrate.

Mothers may also find this day particularly challenging due to loss of their child through death or through strained relationships. Mothers of soldiers who have passed are especially at risk and may feel very unappreciated because of how their son or daughter died. After all, what compensation is there, really, for any such loss in service to Country?

I’m brining this up simply to suggest that we show love and care for those who around us who may have less to celebrate than those with loving and intact families. Include in your circle those mothers who have lost children. Express your love and concern. Reach out to windows and widowers who have lost their wives. Pull close those folks (adults or children) who have lost their mothers to death, abandonment or rejection.

Let us all celebrate Mother’s Day by also loving and honoring the motherless, the childless, the windows and widowers and the grieving. Any loving mother would tell you it is the right thing to do.

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