For the Love of Self-Care


Leaving time for self-care means you’ll be refreshed enough  to bring the very best of you to the rest of your life.

The beauty of self-care is that it can be simple or complicated, inexpensive or extravagant, practiced daily (small acts) or monthly/yearly (for larger events) and there is absolutely an endless supply of possibilities!

Self-care is not optional. It is a necessity.

Interestingly, what serves as self-care for you might actually be stressful for another person, as self-care is highly individualized. The whole purpose is to allow you to focus on an activity (or non-activity) that centers you, restores your sense of balance and brings you peace. It is a time to exhale all that pent-up energy and let your entire being relax.  Self-care activities help you set aside daily worries – even if only for a brief moment (i.e., daily practice) – and serves to remind you that you matter, too.

So give yourself a break.

For the Love of Self-CareOn of my favorite quarterly (or semi-annual) self-care activities is to retreat to a mountain cabin in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. While I do take some work with me, the hardest decision I have to make for any day is when to get in the hot tub or how many times. I’ve been renting this particular cabin for years, so the familiar surroundings prompt my nervous system to….let go. I love the sight of the fog creeping through the valley below and virtual silence of this particular hilltop. The loudest sound you’ll hear is a distance dog bark or the crows cawing at each other in the surrounding trees.

While this is my particular slice of heaven, it might not be yours. For some of you, the thought of unplugging in an isolated cabin might send your back into knots and your head in a tailspin from social withdrawal.

But this is exactly the point. You must find what relaxes you, then practice it daily and plan larger self-care events throughout the year. Why? Because leaving time for self-care means you’ll be refreshed enough to bring the very best of you to the rest of your life.



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