Mental Fitness in Small Things

mental fitness, small things

Many of our blogs focus on helping you develop awareness of needed mental fitness skills and suggest ways to learn and practice these skills. However, a lot of important moments in our lives are made up of the “small things.” Small things matter, as they fill the cracks of everyday life and can make or break your day.

You know this is true because how easily does getting stuck for even 10 minutes in traffic send us off the emotional rails? Small things can derail us, but small things can also insulate us. By taking these small moments for yourself, to recenter, reset and appreciate the little things in life, we will be be better able to withstand the negative turns that are also thrown our way.

Small things include things like having a cup of coffee with a friend, taking a walk in nature, looking long at a nice vista (and deep breathing!), petting your dog or cat, having a friendly chat with a total stranger, lounging in front of the fire, strolling through your favorite shop just for the pleasure of it, doing something nice for someone (and this can be as simple as a passing compliment), etc. The list really is endless.

Instead of making a huge list of weighty “to-dos” for this week, decide to celebrate the “small” instead. Take a few extra moments just to notice some niceties of life that might otherwise pass you by without a second glance. Linger long over them and turn the small feelings of pleasure into a big win.


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