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At the Mental Fitness Institute, our vision is to provide access to on-demand, low-cost training for mental fitness in order to enhance the lives of as many people as possible regardless of race, gender, age, culture, nationality, religion or geographical location. Unfortunately, people often suffer needlessly because they simply do not possess the skills for effectively managing emotional, social and mental lives. We believe this ought not be. No one should perish or languish in intolerable conditions due to a mere lack of knowledge. Our vision is to make sure the needed training is available to anyone who desires it through offering online classes, coaching and programs.

What this means is that we offer membership levels that fit every budget, including providing a basic membership free of charge. While it takes money to run a business, pay our staff, develop the curriculum and manage the online platform, the reality for us is that…


“Making money is a less important outcome for us than making a difference.”


Thus, our vision as a company is far more tied to making a difference in people’s lives than our own bottom line. We fully intend to duplicate our platform in additional languages to expand our reach and improve the lives on those not just within our own borders as a nation, but across the world.


How Can You Help?


You can help us achieve our vision by contributing to our efforts. The first way to do this is to become a member so that you can learn and practice mental fitness skills every day to improve your own mental, social and emotional functioning. This automatically means that you will be positively impacting all those people with whom you interact on a regular basis such as your spouse, partner, children, extended family, coworkers and friends. The second thing you can do is to be vocal about what you are learning and actively encourage others to come to our site and join as well. This can include personal acquaintances but also professional ones such as your children’s teachers, your boss at work, your physician or a local politician with whom you are acquainted. Mental fitness skills will improve any environment in which a group of people practice them. And when instituted at a corporate, facility, business or government level…well, the results could truly be staggering.

There are other ways you can contribute as well. For example, you can volunteer to help us in everyday tasks, suggest to any therapist or life coach whom you know to join our team, purchase our products to support our research or encourage others to come to the site and complete the mScore assessment in order to see their own mental fitness strengths and weaknesses and every survey completed contributes meaningful data for our research.


Join as an Affiliate


You can also become an Affiliate Partner, which means when you refer people for our services and programs and they make a purchase, you earn an Affiliate Bonus. We believe in grass roots efforts to help us spread the word. When people across all walks of life use the skills and share them…we feel this is the best endorsement possible and want to reward those efforts.

Thank you for joining our cause!



Article by drsusanhickman@gmail.com

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