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Knowing the “what” of mental fitness skills is important. But so is knowing the “why.”


Because we are so passionate about teaching our members mental fitness skills to improve their lives, it follows that we would also be passionate about fully understanding the specific links between the skills and the desired outcomes. To this end, we are developing an assessment that will quickly allow members to assess current skills deficits and to track progress as skills are learned. After all, if you know where your weaknesses lie, then you’ll have a much better idea of how to correct them. The assessment will provide an mScore for each skill area and an overall score. This helps members keep track of their progress over time.


Volunteers Needed for Skill Surveys


A big part of our research efforts depends on volunteers like you to complete surveys. We use this data to help us gauge the landscape in terms of skill development. For example, how many of our survey participants feel they possess certain skills? This gives us a much better idea what deficits are present in the general public and how to help correct it.

So, please, please! Complete the surveys when they arrive in your mailbox. By doing so, you become an invaluable part of our research. More importantly, you become an invaluable part of the solution to human suffering.


Funding Our Research with Product Sales


To help fund our research efforts, we will be continually expanding our product line. All proceeds from product sales are specifically earmarked for our research efforts, so please purchase products to support our research. At the current time, we are offering:

  • T-Shirts with mFIT logo or concepts. Use these as conversational pieces to spread the word for mental fitness skills.
  • Coffee mugs with mFIT logo or concepts. Just as with the T-Shirts, these provide great opportunities to start a conversation about mental fitness. They also make great gifts for the same reason. Business owners are given discount opportunities to purchase in bulk and to stock their business (office kitchen, coffee shop, gym, etc.) with mugs displaying mental fitness concepts.
  • mFIT Journals. The journals also make fabulous gifts or great items to use with coaching or therapy clients. These journals are topic-specific (e.g., parenting, self-improvement, emotional regulation, relationships, etc.) to better support the application of mental fitness skills.
  • mFIT Guides. Our mFIT Guides are quick and easy, 1-2 page guides that provide keys to the every day use of mental fitness skills. These are great for individual use, for patients, family members and organizations. Again, these are a wonderful way of helping others develop solid mental fitness skills.
  • mFIT eReports. These reports provide a more in-depth treatment across a variety of topics. The reports support sustained improvement over time as they are designed to approach the change process in a step-wise fashion across time. Our eReports are also used in our Mental Fitness Classes.
  • mFIT Word Art. Just as with the mugs and t-shirts, our Word Art combines mFIT concepts with artistic expression. These may be posters, canvas on a wood frame or desktop items. The point to all of our products is to keep you reminded of good mental fitness skills while also giving you the opportunity to start a conversation with others. Mental fitness skills are for everyone at every age and in every culture.
  • mFIT Sponsored Art. Because creative products have such an impact on the mind, body and spirit, we support artists by sponsoring particular works of art. The resulting projects are either sold outright or auctioned for the benefit of our research efforts.

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