Our mFIT Mission is to Reduce Suffering

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At the Mental Fitness Institute, our mission is to reduce human suffering by teaching mental fitness skills for everyday living, such as by:

  • Increasing productivity, creativity and problem solving across different contexts
  • Improving emotional regulation, reducing emotional suffering and teaching effective coping skills
  • Improving social engagement and relationship quality
  • Teaching effective and compassionate parenting
  • Reducing self-abuse through appropriate self-care
  • Alleviating the symptoms of mental disorders through altering perspectives and contexts
  • Providing ongoing support for change through life coaching and therapeutic coaching

What this means to us is that we take our mission of empowering people to a whole new level.

To carry out our mission, we provide online classes, coaching options and mental fitness programs. Our goal is to begin working within systems (e.g., schools, universities, governments, businesses) to disseminate information about practical ways to improve mental fitness skills on a much broader scale.


How Can You Help?


For ideas on how you support our cause, see the post on mFIT Vision. We welcome all the help we can get!


Article by drsusanhickman@gmail.com

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